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Belle Doll and Toy Corporation's 21" Margie Doll

Belle Doll and Toy Crporation made glamour dolls in various sizes, including 10, 15, 18 and 21". 
Here are some pictures of their 21" Margie doll.  The doll is made of hard plastic with bendable knees and a vinyl head that turns when the legs are moved.  So far, the 2 most common hairstyles I've seen are a bubble cut and a long ponytail (often found long and flowing).  There are no markings on the doll's head or body but the face bears a striking resemblance to "Cissy" by Madame Alexander. 

Original Dress

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Matching Coat lined in same fabric as dress
Sunglasses and purse added

Original Dress
Replaced shoes

Shown with original box
Dress and shoes not original

Short Bubble Cut
Clothes not original

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